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Feb 03, 2011


Sarah A.

Beautiful!!! Love the colors!!


Oh, very beautiful works!


Ljiljana, I am so in love with your work. The colors, shapes,etc. Everything looks like magic!


Thank you, Sarah!


Thank you very much, I love your work too!!!


Oh, thanks thanks thanks and thanks again, Regina! :) Your comment is magic :) you really made my day and I wish you a lovely weekend. :) 


That his beautiful work, full of color and delicate forms. Congratulations.


Thank you very much Maria, I really love your work as well!


Hi, I just found your blog through i-crochet, I am so glad I did, it is so colorful and beautiful! and such great inspiration for me! thanks for sharing your thoughts and work!


Thank you very much Izabela, Im glad you like it, I think your blog is awesome! :)


I also found your blog through I crochet, frankly its amazing. Where do you buy your yarn?



Thank you! I bought it here and there. I live in Gothenburg, so usually I buy it here in nearby wool stores. When I travel I also tend to shop in local stores. I hope it was a little helpful:)

Julie the Alkaline Sister

Oh my gosh those flowers are friggin adorable!
If I only had the patience to finish a project- I have many half finished pretty things-great intentions! This kind of crocheting really makes me feel like I could finish a flower in no time and then do something pretty with it! Thanx for sharing-soo pretty!


Hey Julie!
Thanks for stopping by. You´re right, making flowers doesn´t really take long to do, I use them for pillow decoration. I´m like you, no patience whatsoever, but I force myself to finish my projects fast, or else they just lie around in some corner somewhere in the house. :P

Have a great day! :)


Very beautiful works!!!

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